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ORC Week 3 and 4: Lighting Fail

Hey guys! Here I am bringing up the rear with a 2 week recap! Somehow in the midst of projects and my Houston trip I missed a whole week update. Luckily for me, and for you, there really isn't much to recap! I have been literally refreshing my tracking number, praying to hear that the vanity light that was backordered had shipped. This light has really been the thing holding up the show, because I didn't want to take the old light down until the new one came in. Which also prevented me from finishing the caulk and paint behind said light; as well as hanging the mirror. The biggest transformation is I was able to finish painting the entire bathroom along with the trim and hang my "towel bar" and toilet paper holder.

Now lets touch on the "towel bar". I was really looking for SOMETHING but wasn't exactly sure what that something was. I knew I wanted a towel bar that was visually substantial, black, and longer than standard. I was having zero luck, so I switched gears and bought a CURTAIN ROD! Crazy I know, but why not! Seriously what is the difference between the two besides the bracket. So I found a rod that didn't rest on top of a bracket, rather it goes inside of the bracket and that felt more secure to me! It also worked pretty perfectly with the toilet paper holder.

Since I am writing this post so late in the game you may now know that THE LIGHT did show in the mail yesterday and I was so excited because that meant the ball can start rolling again. However if I am being honest, upon opening the box I am so disappointed! The light is not giving what the photo said it would give! The marble discs are much smaller than I expected and are not marble at all. They show a bit more like a matte quartz stone, which I don't hate, but just not what I was expecting. Also, the metal part of the light IS NOT BLACK! I repeat IT IS NOT BLACK!!! Its more of a gunmetal color but black is what I wanted, so I spray painted it! Which fixes the color issue; but then I installed the hoe and its SO OFF CENTERED. With it being such a symmetrical light it is even more obvious that its way off centered. Again I have no one to blame but the lazy flippers that flipped this house. The last woe on this light is that it takes E12 lightbulbs which are the slimmer base ones that usually go in chandeliers. This is a huge oversight on my part but I wasn't going to stress because I knew they made adapters for that; which I also spray painted.

So now I am here, elbows deep in spray paint, trying to decide what the heck I am going to do. I am going to give myself until the end of Sunday to make a plan and then we will go from there. But until then, I am going to go pout over my disaster of a light that I can no longer return because I spray painted it. That's one of the huge lessons about DIY, sometimes you win and sometime you loose. Week 3 and 4 feels like a big loose, but I am hopeful that this will all turn right and be amazing.

Ok enough with my pouting and venting about this dang light! Until next time tribe!

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