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I have made it to week 6 and regret is starting to set in! I am so exhausted and officially ready for this project to be over with. When I started this challenge I thought to myself, 8 weeks is way more than enough time to complete this puny bathroom, why not add on the hallway. I have serious regrets; I have underestimated how much time it would take to do this and still have time to enjoy life.

This weeks focus has been on the vanity; I wrapped the cabinet with wood pole wrap to give a slat wood look. I was going for seamless look so I cut around the doors and filled in the seams with trim to hid the uneven cuts, which are very much a norm around here. I was worried when it came to wrapping the side of the vanity because I ran out of pole wrap and the material is again backordered. Luckily when I added the paint it has became less noticeable, which is good enough for me. I painted the cabinet using Behr's Cabinet and Trim Enamel in a Satin finish in the color Coastal Storm. This color is a grey with a blue green tone which I was inspired by from another ORC participant. I was thinking that I needed to go light but they shared a photo of a vanity that was dark grey with a black top and I knew that was the route I wanted to go! That is the beauty in picking colors, you can go a little more towards one tone or another for a completely different look. I will say if you ever use this material and plan on painting it, USE A PAINT SPRAYER! Priming and painting this cabinet took me a lifetime and I have a ton of paint splatter on the floor. But that is a challenge for another day.

My pick me up after the cabinet was this beautiful wallpaper. I found this paper on Amazon almost 2 months ago and it was a steal at $23 a roll. The kicker was it was traditional pasted wallpaper which I fully committed to doing. I had every intention to get this wallpaper done last week but Mother's day festivities with my MIL pushed me back. But it was perfect because Shelby over at Pretty in the Pines shared a video of how to make pasted wallpaper less permanent by using liquid cornstarch! I couldn't have been more excited and the timing was perfect! Noah and I gave the wallpaper a try today and OMG it is everything I needed to get out of my funk and push me through the last 2 weeks of this challenge. Walking down the hall sparks so much happiness and I cant wait to see it all complete!

This coming week the plan is for the vanity light to be centered and risen, add the remaining trim to the cabinet, remove the glass surround on the tub, and replace the faucet. I know the idea to remove the glass surround is taboo because the glass is considered a sought after upgrade. But on a standard tub it just doesn't work for us, so its got to go! I have never done something like that before but we will see how it goes. I also have to continue my hunt for a black stone ledge to go as a shelf above the vanity. Well that's all for now, until next time tribe!

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