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Hey Guys! 


I'm Leslie and I am so glad you have made your way to my little piece of the internet. I started boheme en bluu in 2016 as a jewelry brand with a modern take on boho. Over the years the style and look has changed but the intention has always been the same. I wanted to create jewelry for the everyday woman that could elevate her everyday look. Whether than means many layers of necklaces and bracelets, or one intentional piece to complete your look. I created boheme en bluu to add a little sparkle to your life and now that has transformed to include home décor and interior design.

During the pandemic I really started to flex my design muscle as a get away from what was happening in the world. Coming from years of working in visual merchandising for major retailers and a short stint with a premier homebuilder; design came as second nature. I was also elbows deep in my own home updates and taught myself so many useful hacks along the way. Home design was definitely a get away at the time but it also opened my eyes to a passion that I had not invested energy into. 

Now boheme en bluu is a jewelry, home décor, and interior design studio; but who knows what's next! So let me be the first to say:


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