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One Room Challenge Spring Edition: Week 1

So, I decided to participate in another round of the One Room Challenge, and let me tell you, I am already off to a rocky start. The One Room Challenge is a bi-annual challenge where designers, decorators, and enthusiasts get together and tackle a space to transform. Over the course of 8 weeks you can follow along as everyone is taking their spaces to the next level.

Most people have their own creative process on how they start designing a space. When I did the last ORC I knew exactly what I wanted to do and had a general idea on the majority of the details.

Yall, this time around I am stumped, and its all because my "inspiration" piece is SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE!

Insert said inspiration

I had such big plans for our secondary bathroom, which is currently my husband's bathroom. Those were completely shitted on.....shat on..... when this dang light came up sold out! Note to self, when you find something you like buy it, and figure out the logistics later. So now I have a complete vision without the staring cast member. So, as I obsessively comb the ends of the internet looking for a new star for this zen, resort vibe bathroom I hope I can find something else that can perform like the original.

But enough with the dramatics, the plan for this bathroom is strictly design. Thankfully when we moved into this house the bathrooms were completely new. The downside is the workmanship and details were 1000% lacking. There is caulking that is cracked, baseboards that were never painted, poorly installed tile, and lumpy walls and ceiling. So I will be prayerfully fixing these details, as well as creating a bathroom that is much more our style. What that looks like is still somewhat up in air. Unlike my previous ORC I will not be creating a mood board as a starting point; the design process unfolded much differently, starting with that light. So wish me luck as I take the next 8 weeks to tackle this bathroom; and if time and budget allows I might be able to take the design out into the hallway. But you will have to stick around to find out!! Remember, the goal is always high design on a low budget. Follow along on Instagram as the process unfolds. On that note I will leave you with these photos of what I'm working with! Until next time tribe!


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