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ORC Week 2: Did someone say CAULK!

Updated: May 1, 2022

It's week 2 of the One Room Challenge and I have been chugging along. I really got started last weekend by addressing the failed caulk that was used in the tub, floor and toilet. As I had mentioned before, our house was a flip that had zero attention to detail. After a few months important things like the water seal had failed; so that was the first thing I tackled. We also have family in town, so I thought it was important to make sure we keep water from getting in the cracks.

Next was the paint and ya’ll!! The paint I picked for the walls is EVERYTHING!!! I was a little nervous about my selection because I only got one sample. If you have been following me for a while you know that choosing a paint color is so hard for me. I usually have 3-5 swatches on the wall and look at them for days before pulling the trigger. Noah always gives his input to help me narrow down my selections, but I just went for it with this one. I knew I was going for a zen vibe but once I put the swatch on the wall it just seemed good enough. Once I got the color on all the walls it definitely gave me the warm and fuzzies. It’s so crazy how colors work, they pull so much from whatever is around them. Once the paint was on the wall it complemented the shower tile perfectly. It also pulled some bluish hues out of the floor tile, which only further propelled that zen vibe.

Next it was time to get the double board and batten started. I knew I had family in town so I rushed to get this done. I originally wanted to have a horizontal 1x4 at the top of the wall to give a clean line for the molding; it was also going to mirror a chair rail version I have planned in the hallway.

However, this old home didn't want any parts of my plan for a clean line. Between the uneven ceiling and crooked walls, it wasn't happening. So, I scrapped that idea and went with a floor to ceiling design. This was my inspiration for the board and batten.

Photo credit: The House of Hood

Being that I don’t have a table saw, I had to hand cut all of my trim pieces with my Ryobi hand saw; let’s just say getting a straight cut isn’t the easiest for me. Not to mention getting my measurements correct is always a hurdle that is met with defeat. I don’t know what it is but when I get my tape measure out, I am always off no matter how many times I measure. But I just kept going for it; going back and forth from the carport to the bathroom to get my trim pieces cut and placed. I had to fill in some smaller pieces but all in all it wasn’t bad.

Now comes the bane of my existence, CAULK. I hate it, hate it, hate it! But you must have a smooth line and cover up all the gaps from the crooked walls. It was a necessary evil that I had to just go for. So me, my caulk gun, a tube of DAP caulk, an endless supply of paper towels and I got to work smearing and slapping caulk around to my hearts content. Trying my hardest to get a “decent” looking line. There has to be another way to make this less painful, but to be honest I really don’t want to keep trying to figure it out. I am comfortable having a cordial relationship with caulk. We just say hi and deal when absolutely necessary, but still try to avoid each other at all costs. After 2 tubes of caulk and a complete roll of used paper towels in the trash, I am happy to report I think I am almost done with the caulk! I only have some small areas to address behind where the old light is installed. My plan is to wait until the new light comes in and finish all the paining and caulking that is behind that area then.

Which brings me to my last update! HOUSTON I HAVE FOUND A LIGHT!! If you read my post from Week 1 you know that my dreams were crushed when my inspiration of a vanity light came up sold out from every available vendor. But I have found a new light which is just as amazing.

There is only one downside; it has 2 lights vs the 3 lights which is what I was looking for. Since there is a window in this bathroom, and we have plans to possibly replace the windows soon, it will still work out…..hopefully! The light is scheduled to ship at the end of the month, so I am impatiently waiting and continuously checking my email to see if there has been and updates. I am so excited to see this light in person! But until then I will be cleaning and touching up as much as I can. I still need to sand and paint all of the trim, so that is what is on the agenda for this week. Then we are heading to Houston for the weekend!!! Anyone reading have any must do things while I am there? Are you still reading? If so, drop your suggestions because I would love some tips. Ok tribe, until next time!


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