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ORC Week 5: Fade to Black.... Hardware Edition

Guys we are in the thick of it at week 5 of the One Room Challenge and per usual I’m sliding this post in last minute lol. But the good news is I have made decent progress this week. Last week I left you with my woes about the vanity light and it’s placement. But a friend has come through and saved the day by offering to move the light for me! Y’all I could have cried when I got that message from him. I really didn’t want to go further outside of my already over budget project.

So now I started making headway on the hallway leading to the bathroom. I had every intention on starting the wallpaper this weekend but if I’m being honest, I chickened out! I don’t know why this wallpaper is so intimidating to me but it is! So instead, I painted the other walls, finished the trim (for now), and changed out all the door hardware. Let me tell you this black hardware against the paint is to die for! This small upgrade made such a huge impact to the aesthetic of the whole hallway. Also, I would like to note that the handles, hinges, and door stops (that I still need to install) are not part of this project budget. I had some Discover points that I used to purchase the hardware. I did a two tone paint detail in the walls; the top color is Behr Melting Icicles and the bottom is Behr Dove. I can’t say enough good things about Behr’s Marquee paint! I love the coverage so much; and the fumes are so low I don’t have to air the room! I literally finished painting this afternoon and can’t tell you how happy I am with how it has come together. The opposite wall of the hallway will not be completed for this ORC season because it is part of a bigger closet project that will hopefully get tackled at the end of the summer.

I also started the trim detail on the cabinet which I was also pretty nervous to tackle. Getting a straight cut line has proven to be difficult for me. Time and time again I have found myself looking for ways to conceal my crooked lines; and this time is just like all the others. I had some issues today with my saw and blade so I didn't make as much progress as I had hoped but that's what is on the agenda for week 6 along with the wallpaper. Ya'll say a prayer for me, cuz ya girl is nervous! Well that's all I have to update, so until next time tribe!

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