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Hey Tribe,

I cannot believe the time has finally arrived and I am writing my first blog post. I have thought about starting a blog for the longest time, but after a failed blog, back when blogging was first cool, I kept telling myself I couldn't do it. I would tell myself that no one would want to read what I have to say. But I think the past 2 years have shown us that if you want something you have to go and get it! So here I am, GETTIN' IT, and being true to myself (which you will get to know).

Another HUGE realization that I have had in the midst of this pandemic is that I have way more creativity inside of me! I rediscovered a part of me that I hadn't had the chance to really delve into. I found a passion for interior design and DIY that has always been there but grew exponentially in the midst of the crazy that was happening outside, formally known as COVID-19.

Ya'll, when I tell you I DIY'd to get away from reality and was 100% not interested in making jewelry. Not only that but I had such guilt promoting my brand; every time you turned on the TV it was death and doom. I immersed myself with projects to forget that black folks were being killed without cause, and that there seemed like there was no way to get back to "the way things used to be." Even though I was finding so much joy in this new found passion, I couldn't help and wonder, "what about boheme en bluu?" That is when my wheels started spinning and I thought it was time to shake things up! It was time for boheme en bluu to grow just like I had grown. Why limit myself to one category when I have so much more to share, and sometimes over share.

I am a huge believer in sharing; I have never been the girlfriend to keep it to myself. I want to share everything that I find valuable, with everyone I think may benefit. Which might be a huge plus to you all reading; are you still reading?

So all of that to say this blog will be a mix of all things that inspire and bring me joy, in the hopes to inspire and share that joy! So on that note, here are a few things that have really been inspiring me and getting my creative juices flowing. What is it that inspires you and fills your cup? Do you have a creative outlet?

photos sourced from pinterest

I have been getting ready for summer protective styles and these #braidedhairstyles definitely fit the bill

photos sourced from pinterest

I am currently obsessed with exterior landscaping ideas. For the first time in my life I have my own yard and I CANNOT wait until I can bring my vision to life! This will definitely be a project that I share when the time comes but don't hold your breath, we have a long way to go!

photos sourced from pinterest

Spring nail designs have been flooding my IG explore page! My friend has gotten me on the wagon and I don't see myself getting off anytime soon!! Are you loving the comeback of nail designs?

All images sourced from pinterest

Im not sure why but recently I have been having tattoos on my mind. I only have 1 that I got with my bestie almost 10 years ago, but in recent months I have been thinking of adding another. Let me be the first to say I AM THE BIGGEST CHICKEN!! I ate a whole jumbo bag of sour patch candy on my first tattoo, but that's another story for another day!

Well that's all for now; until next time tribe!


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I am glad you didn’t give up on your blog! Good luck and I look forward in reading more!! 👏👏


Go OFF! I love reading what's on your mind and heart. Thank you for sharing with us. 💙✨

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